Industry Leading 15 YEAR WARRANTY on Work Performed

Going solar with US GREEN solar not only means that you are getting the best deal using the best technology available. You also get an industry leading 15 years warranty on "Premium Solar Package" ask for details.


Standard Warranty

US GREEN Solar warrants for a period of (15) years from the date installation is completed that all work performed by US Green pursuant of the terms of this Agreement has been done in a professional and work like manner, and shall be free of defects or other deficiencies which may result from such installation. It is expressly understood by Purchaser that this warranty does not extend to any work not performed by US Green or its subcontractors, including but not limited to waterproofing of roof attachments or other installation work of third parties.

US GREEN Solar shall bear the full cost of diagnosis, repair and replacement of any system component, exclusive of the manufacture’s coverage. This warranty does not apply to damage, malfunction, or degrading of electrical output caused by failure to properly operate or maintain the system in accordance with the printed instructions provided with the system. Damage, malfunctions, or degradation of electrical output caused by any repair or replacement using a part or service not provided or authorized in writing by US Green any damages, malfunctions, or degradation of electrical output resulting from Purchaser or third party abuse, accident, alteration, improper use, negligence or vandalism, or from earthquake, fire, flood, or other acts of God.