The Benefits Of Having A Whole House Fan

Imagine on a hot summer day which we all dread! You’re sweating, but you don’t want to turn on the AC. Why? because you know what will happen……A HIGH ELECTRICITY BILL! Now, imagine not having to worry about high electricity bills and using an... read more

The Electric Rates Are Being Adjusted Now!

What Does This Really Mean? Your electricity rates are going to be adjusted, but to what? Understand that the electric rates reflect the costs of the service provided to you. That service contains safety, reliable energy within technology, infrastructure, equipment,... read more

6 Ways To Save On Your Electricity Bill

1. Let It Shine! Use The Sunlight For Natural Daylight When the sun is shining outside in sunny San Diego, leave the blinds open and give your home natural daylight with sunlight. This helps you conserve energy by not keeping your lights on. Not only does it conserve... read more

The Future Is Here With Your Smart Home

Have you seen the movie Click featuring Adam Sandler? He was able to control his life to make it simple from one little blue remote. But, little did he know, even though his life was simple, the remote was programmed to avoid conflict, intimate moments with the wife,... read more

Solar Industry Has Delivered A Record Number

Record numbers! The National Solar Census Job has delivered a report on jobs added in the solar industry and the numbers have skyrocket. The Solar Foundation: The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census 2016 is the seventh annual update on current employment,... read more

How to Pick a Contractor or Installer

When picking a contractor it’s important to understand the basics, US GREEN operates in California so a lot of the advice that we give in this blog relates to California. We have researched other states and that information will be made available on our website.... read more

First Step – Do Your Research

This blog will help but please look up the facts about your state regarding net metering, utility rates and rebates. Start with This is an excellent place to learn all the legalities state wide down to your local utility, county or city. The... read more

California Leads the Nation

467,359 solar projects 3,663 megawatts installed $5.32 average cost per watt <10kW $4.32 average cost per watt >10kW NOTE: Above figures include non-CSI data Last updated: Jan. 27,... read more