Smart Integrated Homes

Have these features:

  • Total Energy Management
  • Solar Panels
  • Nest Smart Thermostats
  • Whole House Fan – Natural Cooling
  • Energy Effect Windows
  • Artificial Turf
  • Solar Water Heating

Solar Panels

Your solar panels work hard whenever the sun is shining.
They work while you work.
They work while you play.
And, they work when you are away.

Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat learns about your home. How long it takes to warm up and how’s the weather. As you set the thermostat, Nest Sense is constantly learning, automatically updating, and balancing comfort and energy savings.

Energy Effect Windows

Triple glazing is the best for long-term energy saving.

Windows that have an inert gas (argon, krypton or xenon) sealed between the panes are best. These gases minimize the conduction of heat back out of the building, better than air does.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating combines solar and conventional water heating. This saves you energy and money.

Solar water heating is great for the environment too.

Energy Management

Energy management means taking control of your energy production and consumption.
Go solar – Save Money and Save the Planet.
Insulate your home.
Use natural cooling systems.
Use LED lighting.
Control heat and light automatically.
Install artificial turf – Save Water and Save Money.

Whole House or Attic Fans

If it’s cooler outside than the inside of a home, a whole house fan system will work effectively. In the summer, this normally happens in the late afternoon to early evening and through to the next morning.

When the whole house fan is turned on, it pulls cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living space, into the attic, and out the attic vents replacing the hot stale air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, allowing it to stay much cooler the following day.

Artificial Turf

Installing artificial turf will save you water and money, look good for a long time and needs very little looking after. No mowing, weeding or watering.