Solar Panels

SUNPOWER® MAXEON® – The World’s Most Powerful Solar Panels

Maxeon® solar cells are fundamentally better.

  • More power and reliability from back-side contact design
  • World Record Efficiency of 24.2%1
  • Delivering 44% more power per square foot
  • Durable solid copper foundation
  • SunPower Signature Black panels offer premium aesthetics and highest efficiency

1SunPower was acknowledged as the world record holder in commercialized solar cell efficiency at
24.2% and module efficiency at 20% by the Guinness World Record organization at InterSolar in Germany on June 8, 2011.


  • Enhanced Performance Warranty – The LG NeONTM2 has an enhanced performance warranty. The annual degradation has fallen from -0.7%/yr to -0.6%/yr. Even after 25 years, the cell guarantees 2.4% more output than the previous LG NeonTM modules.
  • mc4_320w_60_cell_01Higher Power Output – Compared with previous models, the LG NeONTM2 has been designed to significantly enhance its output efficiency, thereby making it efficient even in limited space.
  • Aesthetic Roof – LG NeONTM2 has been designed with aesthetics in mind; thinner wires that appear all black at a distance. The product may help increase the value of a property with its modern design.
  • Outstanding Durability – With its newly reinforced frame design, LG has extended the warranty of the LG NeONTM2 for an additional 2 years. Additionally, LG NeONTM2 can endure a front load up to 6000 Pa, and a rear load up to 5400 Pa.
  • Better Performance on a Sunny Day – LG NeONTM2 now performs better on sunny days thanks to its improved temperature coefficiency.
  • Double-sided Cell Structure – The rear of the cell used in LG NeONTM2 will contribute to generation, just like the front; the light beam reflected from the rear of the module is reabsorbed to generate a great amount of additional power.

Financially Strong Company

As a global, financially-sound company, LG is your partner for today — and tomorrow. Due to a broad corporate structure, LG stand strong in difficult times and are always on hand to support our customers and partners in a highly competitive market.

12 Year Product Guarantee

LG solar modules come with a full 12-year product guarantee. Should you need to process a possible claim, please call our hotline on 08448 471 4029 selecting option 4.

Sunmodule Solar Panels – High-performance, Superior Quality

  • High-performance cell structure
  • made_in_the_usa_01Easy to mount and ground
  • Extended cable lengths for easier installation
  • Elegant modern design
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee
  • 10-year product workmanship warranty